Help Support Quality Education in Our San Mateo - Foster City Schools!
Vote Yes on Measure Y!
Completed ballots must be postmarked by March 28th!

San Mateo County will hold a special, all-mail ballot election this year.  Our schools and students need your vote to protect and maintain quality education in our District.  When you receive your ballot from the registrar (after February 28th)...
  • mark YES on Measure Y on your ballot with a blue or black pen
  • put it in the postage-prepaid envelope
  • sign the back of the envelope (don't forget this step -- your vote won't count if it's not signed)
  • mail your completed ballot by March 28th (ballots must be postmarked no later than March 28th and arrive March 31st)
About Measure Y
Thanks to the community's support, our local San Mateo and Foster City schools offer an excellent, well-rounded education for our elementary and middle school students.  Our schools perform so well because voter-approved local funding supports critical education programs that also attract and retain experienced, high-quality teachers.

We must maintain this funding and vote YES on Y!

Unfortunately, this critical local funding expires soon.  YES on Y prevents deep cuts to our local elementary and middle schools.  Without YES on Y, our schools will lose nearly $7,000,000 in crucial funding per year, or roughly $560 per student per year.  Our schools simply cannot afford these drastic cuts!

YES on Y is NOT a new tax.  It simply continues the existing, voter-approved education funding that supports local schools.  YES on Y DOES NOT increase the tax rate you currently pay.

YES on Y also continues senior exemptions, and currently exempt seniors who are 65+ will continue to be exempt.  Seniors who are not currently exempt may apply and receive an exemption.

YES on Y maintains and protects critical education programs, including reading, writing, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

YES on Y supports arts, drama, music, and other specialized programs, as well as maintaining school library hours, keeping them open and accessible to all students.

YES on Y is fiscally accountable, with strong taxpayer protections including Independent Citizens' oversight.  No YES on Y funds can be used for administrator salaries, benefits, or pensions.

YES on Y provides local funding for local schools.  By law, all YES on Y funds must be used for local elementary and middle schools.  The State cannot touch one penny of YES on Y funds.

San Mateo and Foster City's strong schools make our communities strong.  YES on Y maintains and protects quality education, strengthens our property values, and secures our excellent quality of life.

Vote YES on Y and Vote YES for Our Schools!